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Torchlight Infinite is a brand new arpg that is in open beta both for Mobile and PC, It is current gameplay is made for fast-paced, short cooldowns, lots of custom character builds and a loot-based adventure you would want to try out and enjoy.

We will breakdown the best things to interact with and things to avoid that is currently being worked on by the development team for future patches. There are currently a few events in-game but none that should affect your initial playthrough of its story.

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    Simple to Digest Story

    Torchlight Infinite takes place in a techno-fantasy world where the races seek the power of ember, this power source that broke into smaller bits called sparks gave rise to a cursed malignancy called aember that devours all life takes over minds which plunged the world into civil war, there are parts that require polish but overall, your role will be to collect the sparks with a crow partner named Aria to banish the evils of aember and the aemberons. Playing through the story should take you a day at the very least to finish. Which will push you immediately towards its endgame content.

    Face against the massive hordes on aemberons in Torchlight Infinite

    Stunning Graphics

    The game looks great for mobile and PC, colors pop and are radiant with environments ranging from orange, blue, green, brown and purple hues. Character models all have colors to blend well in their motifs and styles. To give you an example, the world map for every zone from a birds eye view contains those a mix of geometric and abstract shapes.

    The world map is a handy fast travel mechanic for zones with indicators of quests.

    Addictive Kill and Loot Gameplay

    What shines in Torchlight Infinite is combat, progressing through levels is a breeze and is fun for characters like the berserker whose gameplay involves lunging, tanking, and swinging a massive weapon at mobs. If you want deadly gun play, magical spells or robotic minions, then Torchlight Infinite should have a hero for you. Once the better and bigger stat equipment drops it turns into an addictive cycle to keep on playing. On PC, the ergonomic hotkeys for abilities make it easy to cast skills on the fly. The Mobile version features a standard control layout and should be easy to adapt. Torchlight Infinite recently added controller support with the Blacksail update so it should give you a bunch of options to play around with. Two screenshots below will preview how the pc and mobile UI differ. As the game is cross-play on both PC and Mobile devices. your account should reflect your characters progress.

    For PC you get a wider angle for the UI and entire camera view that you can zoom in.
    For mobile you get a standard interface that allows for minimal screen clutter and a default camera angle.

    Speaking of progress, you really scale in power levels once you get to level 20, by this time if you have the chance to get a legendary, slaying monsters is a breeze. It does not take that long for you to really enjoy the game. Managing inventory is a breeze as it can easily be recycled rather than manually going to a vendor to exchange it. The game continues to innovate its features while listening to the active fanbase, this makes new features exciting to try out and play.

    Simple User Interface

    Torchlight Infinite as an arpg has been designed to give players more options and control in play by allowing a few tutorials to teach the game as well as a user interface that is simple to understand once you take a bit of time to read. Gear quality is determined by its color with plus and minuses for the according stats that they give. higher numbers = higher stats after all.

    The Inventory UI does a simple job at tracking stats by simple selection, though it can certainly use some improvements.
    The Skill Menu gives a basic rundown of descriptions and effects.

    Boss Fights

    The boss battles in this game can range from passive hit encounters or ones that can one-shot your character. A boss encounter with the dwarf king for example uses rockets and a robot arm to kill you off. Reviving is easy and has little to no impact on your death early on. This does leave for viable dodges and evasive maneuvers to try again. So keep going, you will see the joy of these boss battles as you progress in the story.

    Immersive Sound

    The audio clip for unlocking rewards is one of the best sounds to have ever graced your ears. You really feel a dopamine rush from hearing the dulcet tones of a resonating crystal and its one of the best parts in unlocking battlepass rewards or achievements.

    Game dialogue and npc voice acting is best with the Japanese voices on. The heroes have these quips while in combat or on the field that reflects their personalities. You’ll often get the chance to quip a monologuing voice of a mini-boss as you quickly kill them. The berserker currently has one of the best lines against a foe as he executes his foes fast.

    Content Ready

    Torchlight Infinite in its current state is well handled for having a number of content available after you finish the main story, you won’t be left hanging as the endgame content gives you enough room to fully dive in clearing higher level zones and gaining better loot and skill gems when you head onto the Netherrealms. The endgame content will be featured in a guide which will guide players through it.

    The game brings you a news screen with lots of events currently as the game is released.

    Torchlight Infinite takes a gacha and battle pass element that seems relatively forgiving for new players. Currently the game will give you free in-game currency for getting your first pactspirit pets which adds some stat bonuses to your current character.

    Overall a fun-filled Adventure!

    As Torchlight Infinite is now in the Blacksail season which has several quality of life and gameplay improvements. As an arpg, the game is currently chock full of content and it is fun to play. It has controller support, playable on PC and mobile. Lots of build combinations to try out, an active community over at their Discord server and many more features that the game offers you as you play. So download Torchlight Infinite now!

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