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Torchlight Infinite is a new ARPG that is satisfying to play, but it can also be a whole new experience for many to try. To help you get through the initial storyline, we offer you a few tips on how to play Torchlight Infinite.

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    Tip 1 – Play by your Strengths

    We made a class guide just for you to see which of the 5 heroes to play, just click on the hero that you want to check out on the table image below. Each hero’s abilities and play styles differ; all you need to know is to try them all out and stick with at least one to complete the main story, which currently has five chapters. You will eventually have to play as all of the characters to get all of the achievements for them. Do note that each hero will come with a hero trait, which is your character’s special ability. You can unlock more hero traits with a paid boon system and in-game achievements. The only downside is that you will need to create a new hero, as traits are locked and cannot be changed mid-game. But your first character will be able to carry all new characters in terms of initial gear. There may be a possibility for this feature to change to help the players as the development team adds more features later on.

    Interactive Table of the Character Classes with links to their guides

    Tip 2 – Clear every zone of enemies

    You will benefit early by clearing the zones by maxing out your experience per level.

    Clearing maps helps to level up your characters as chunks of experience are gained early. You could blitz through the map, but without proper gear or good skill combos, you might die too early. Clearing maps means more experience to level up and get stronger, even if it takes a bit more time.

    Use your map to full advantage by pressing the Tab key to place the mini-map at the center, and the number of monsters left in the tooltip will be seen, giving you a better view.

    Zones can range from linear runs to spirals, early on it is helpful that you peek at every corner as treasures or side quests can reward you well.

    Every zone will spawn enemy hordes that drop randomized loot and its important for gearing up to allow you to move from one zone to another.

    Most Checkpoints are seen at the start of a zone, there is also a free town portal button at the menu.

    Your main gameplay loop will consist of following the main storyline till you get enough gear to play the endgame; grinding spots, and participating in more challenging dungeons. Some characters can breeze through these levels easily, and it’s fun to see those damage numbers rise with new gear and optimized skill builds.

    Swarms of enemies will take efforts to kill at first but as you rise in levels and rank they can be a joy to mop up.

    Tip 3 – Skills

    As you progress and level up in-game, a big part of that experience is setting the skills in the way to best optimize your zone clears. With over 24 unique skill trees that offer more than 180 skills they make for unique character builds per player.

    You have in-depth customization with the skill slots as you acquire energy. Energy is earned simply by leveling up, equipping, and improving your gear. Eliminating all of the enemies on the map grants you the best way to level up, loot, and unlock more skill slots. They can be classified as active, support, passive, and triggered skills. Skills can be linked together, making them great for combinations that will be used for the story and endgame content.

    • Active Skills are actively cast by tapping its button. Main attacks and skills will use this for the most part as they inflict damage and status effects on the enemy.
    • Support Skills are used to support active skills by linking as they are used to strengthen them, it does affect form, characteristics and stats of the Active Skills.
    • Passive Skills include Imbue and Aura Skills, They provide constant enhancements to a character with mana or life costs. After they are equipped, Passive skills need to be activated to take effect via the energy tab.
    • Triggered Skills are unlocked mid-game and can change the way Support skills are triggered. They are conditional for example when landing critical strikes as it will automatically give its effects respectively.

    Identifying a skill with its tags can be done by tapping on a skill icon and checking the tag.

    New players need to pay attention to your linked Support skills so you can add utility to an active skill and increase the damage more. Some skills can be purchased by a skill shop at the Hideout or by completing quests as a reward. Check out our Skills Guide for more info.

    Energy Tab will allow you to allocate nodes to unlock and can be best utilized on higher levels

    The Skill Mentor will be another best friend to your adventures in creating the best character.

    Tip 4 – Gear

    Torchlight Infinite operates with a gear system, better gear for your hero means better performance for the clearing out zones and survivability. There are currently :

    • Normal – this gear is gray-colored, and it has no affix. It will sometimes have higher stats in rare cases but overall best left to be dust.
    • Rare – Purple-colored and has 3 to 5 affixes.
    • Magic – you will have 1 to 2 affixes with a magic gear, and it is blue-colored.
    • Super Rare – this type of gear comes with six affixes, and it is pink colored.
    • Legendary – these types of gears have some exclusive and special types of affixes, and we can’t use them for enchanting or for the crafting. They should be saved and equipped on other characters if you won’t use them.
    The Stash will be your best friend for storing Legendary Gear.

    The vast majority of gear you pick up will need to be identified to view their specific affixes and stats:

    • Check the number of affixes they have. More affixes equals more useful gear.
    • Check the tier of the affixes. To view the tier of affixes, tap “Details” on the gear. The best affixes are T1 or even T0.
    • Check the type of the affixes and whether the stats granted by the affixes are compatible with your build and skills.
    • Even if you have Legendary gears you can’t use right now, keep them in your stash as they can be shared by other characters in your account.

      Quick Tips:
    • When gathering loot instead of dragging and clicking per item, you can pick gear with “A” (by default key). Pactspirits can also pick up important materials such as flame sand.
    • Inventory Management can be a drag once it us full. One option is to always use the checkpoint to head back to the Hubs and sell them off for dust.
    • Make sure to at least check your Inventory for gear you need and to stash before you exchange them.
    • If you can use gathered Jagged Primocrystals to buy more inventory space, having an extra 4 slots per buy won’t hurt as much.
    • Buy more stash space with the Jagged Primocrystals. as loot can be shared with your other characters.
    • Take time to manage the stash and exchange those you won’t need as most of them will be under leveled by the time you complete story chapters, so its time to exchange them for dust.

      We will be adding in an article for a crafting guide so stay tuned.

    Tip 5 – Talents

    Talents for your first character are recommended based on your class. Example, The Berserker works best with the God of Might Talent Tree.

    Then let’s move over to the next part of your character build and it is the talent panel. You can select up to three Talent panels for your character which are unlocked at certain levels. Talent panels are unlocked by leveling 6 basic talents which are available to choose from when you start.

    • God of Might – Best Recommended for a Berserker
    • Goddess of Hunting – Best Recommended for Divineshot
    • Goddess of Knowledge – Best Recommended for Icefire
    • God of War – Best Recommended for maximizing damage output per class
    • God of Darkness – Best Recommended for Spacetime Youga
    • God of Machines – Best Recommended for Commander

    The game will recommend the best ones to choose that will be marked with an asterisk so it is best to start from there before branching out to experiment.

    Minor Talents Stack to Unlock Medium Talents

    Talent Nodes are further divided into Micro, Medium Talents, and Core Talents, you gain +1 Talent Nodes for every level as well as rewards from some of the main quests.

    • Micro Talents : These upgrade your base stats such as attack damage
    • Medium Talents : They give out powerful stats but only after you have fully upgraded the Micro Talents.
    • Core Talents: Each Talent Panel has 2 Core Talent Nodes that players can choose 1 out of 3 options at each major Talent Node, that being 10 and 20 talent points invested.
    Medium Talents give a major bonus to current abilities.
    Invest enough talent nodes and you get the benefit of choosing 1 out of 3 Core Talents to beef up your Character.

    Other than the initial talent node for upgrading, there are no restrictions on the talents to choose from. We will feature these in our best character-building guides.

    For resetting talent nodes, it is free until level 80. Elixirs of Oblivion will be needed for resets once you hit level 80 and above, and they are rare to farm from monsters. Your best bet would be to purchase them from other hunters in the trade house or the in-game shop.

    Tip 6 – Currencies

    The currencies in Torchlight Infinite can vary from those acquired in-game to bought at the store. This guide should give you a brief rundown on what the currency is, where to acquire them and how to use them.

    And there is also another thing called Primocrysts, which is a rare currency from the Leptis. Players can purchase them from the season guide.


    The major currency for Torchlight Infinite is based on the Flame category. These can be used for crafting better items as you start to exchange unused items that keep your inventory full. They are:

    Item Name Type Description
    Flame Residue
    Flame ResidueFuelCan be exchanged for Flame Dust
    Flame Dust
    Flame DustFuelConsumed when crafting gear with 0 or 1 affix
    Flame Sand
    Flame SandFuelConsumed when crafting gear with 2, 3 ,or 4 affixes
    Flame Elementium
    Flame ElementiumFuelConsumed when crafting gear with 5 or 6 affixes


    There will also be crafting materials, embers, the water of forgetting, fossils, Netherrealm Resonance, the water of forgetting and energy cores available with gears. And those are called the Commodities, and these materials will be helpful at any phase of your game.

    Black Gold

    Used with the Black Market to refresh goods and reset Exchange Proof Quantity.


    These are considered very important spoils in the game, and they serve as tickets. They can be further used for unlocking Netherrealm Challenge. Every Beacon is dropping in the battles, and they come with multiple ranks. When this rank gets higher, the Netherrealm will be so much harder to unlock.

    Fate Cards 

    Fate cards are used to exchange some crafting materials, embers, legendary gear, and regular gear from the Trader.


    Jagged Primocryst which can be used to expand inventory and stash slots acquired through in-game achievements.
    Primocryst which is a paid currency from the game, and it can be used to purchase several items from the shop.

    Tip 7 – Endgame Content – The Netherrealms

    Around chapter 5, you will begin to experience endgame content with your initial gear. Once it hits a level. You will be tasked with undergoing quests in the Netherrealms, which is the current setting of Torchlight Infinite’s loot and grind game. It can be approached when your Main Story is to Conquer the Planes
    The Initial objective is to explore Glacial Abyss and defeat the Plane Watcher (Timemark 1)

    The Netherrealm Mentor means its going to take a lot of runs on your part.

    This means we are to fight in the zones where we should maximize our level and begin building our endgame characters. It’s a topic that requires more detail, so we will feature a specific guide for the Netherrealms.

    The Netherrealms End-game will keep you busy for sure.
    The 1st Major Boss will be easy if you have the right build.

    That’s all we have for you on these beginner’s tips, These practices will make you have better knowledge of in-game mechanics. Should you get stuck wondering what to do, refer to our guides for more information. Happy Gaming.

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