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There are over 5 different classes you can play in Torchlight Infinite, these are familiar classes from similar ARPGs mixed in with their unique fighting capabilities. If you have played previous titles within the Torchlight franchise, you will easily fit into them. For new players to the game however, knowing which class for you first playthrough will reflect on the gameplay that you want to experience.

Here’s our guide to the classes you can pick and a brief description of what they do and where they are most suited, it should give you the right idea as you decide which one to take you on your adventures.

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    Berserker Rehan

    The Berserker is all about big and brutish gameplay whose gameplay is a straight leap towards his enemies to tank mobs and deal violence per weapon swing and raging to boost those numbers. It’s a simple class for new players that want to see the numbers get higher per hit. There is little to no difficulty in stat point allocation as what is important is strength for damage and intelligence for skill use. Rage will definitely be your core skill as each hit per enemy increases your attack speed. At higher levels, all you need to know is that it equates to one word. Damage!
    We have a class guide for you to look over with the Berserker class , go take a look.

    Commander Moto

    The Commander class is a summoner whose units deal, it is overall a good unit for beginners as his gameplay revolves on summoning and buffing your robotic minions as they fight for you. You don’t deal as much damage on your own but a Commander’s strength lies in the ease of their gameplay and it leaves room for beginners to start experimenting with skill builds.
    We have a class guide for you to look over with the Commander class , go take a look.

    Frostfire Gemma

    The Frostfire – This is a damage based class that uses the elements of fire and frost to burn and freeze mobs simultaneously. She can control the battlefield while dealing damage and using other spells to suit each situation to satisfactory results. Her special trait activates when gaining the elemental energy which on maximum can emit a pulse of those elements to devastate all around her.

    We have a class guide for you to look over with the Frostfire class , go take a look.

    Spacetime Witness Youga

    The Spacetime Witness class is definitely a unique entry as it has 2 unique classes to focus in which is Spacetime Illusion and Spacetime Elapse. Both classes differ in their hero traits by the use of mana for casting illusions and controlling the battlefield through debuffs and projections. It is an advance class that makes for fun gameplay if you can manage through its initial difficulty. It is also a class that has support capabilities needed to buff allies in a group setting. While co-op mode is not
    We have a class guide for you to look over with the Spacetime Witness , go take a look.

    Divineshot Carino

    The Divineshot plays as a gunner/ranger would with emphasis on damage and mobility. A Divineshot’s projection hero trait consumes ammo after a number of shots and to be reloaded. It is based on the type of ammo used plus movement speed. This makes several potent combos for you to try out and destroy mobs with. It can get flashy or as simple as you want it to be.

    We have a class guide for you to look over with the Divineshot , go take a look.

    Oracle Thea

    Season 1 introduced us to Thea, a powerhouse of a champion that uses elements and blessings to buff and debuff. Her area-of-effect game is strong with a gameplay hybrid of a wizard and a cleric. She has by far a champion that could be at the top of your list. Check out our Oracle Thea build guide soon and see how even our staff chose her over all other champions.

    Cateye Erika

    Cateye Erika is a hero that is as deadly as her looks. She thrives on mobility and attack speed gear with explosion skills to clear out enemies rapidly. They say she can be better suited for advanced players due to having game knowledge to make a successful combo run, but don’t let that fool you and pick her.

    We note that each class has their respective strengths and weaknesses. We’ll put up a guide later on for exact comparisons but in summary every class is viable to completing the main story and their endgame routes will differ based on the builds that you have created.

    We hope that this article helps you make better decisions in regards to the first class you are to pick for your game. Torchlight Infinite is currently in Open Beta so join in now as we cover more content in future releases.

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