Sonic Forces – Running Battle: Endless runner game with Sonic and other popular characters


Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a thrilling mobile game. As Sonic and his devoted buddies, you’ll start on a spectacular adventure through several hard levels, each more entertaining than the last. You’ll race through each level dodging obstacles, defeating foes, and collecting rings with your lightning-fast reflexes. However, Dr. Eggman lurks in the shadows, ready to attack you and your pals. He’ll do anything to rule the world with his robot army and evil ambitions. You and your friends can handle it. You’ll defeat evil and save the world with your courage, determination, and fortitude. Why wait? Put on your running shoes and grab your friends for an unforgettable adventure! Sonic Forces – Running Battle will thrill you. Fast-paced gameplay keeps you playing for hours. The vivid graphics and fascinating characters will stay with you. This game will amaze Sonic fans old and new. So run, leap, and fight your way through a dangerous and fascinating environment. Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a must-play!

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    In Sonic Forces – Running Battle, players must traverse many difficult stages filled with traps, adversaries, and obstacles. Players must dodge dangerous dangers and fight enemies with lightning-fast reflexes and instincts to complete each level. Sonic Forces – Running Battle will thrill you whether you’re running through a busy metropolis or flying into the air! Our heroes encounter hazardous terrain and fierce enemies on their epic trek. However, they are equipped with powerful rings and power-ups they earn along the way. These treasures unlock additional characters, increase their skills, and help them defeat frightening enemies. Our heroes become stronger and more skilled with each step, ready for any challenge. Sonic Forces – Running Battle is an action-packed game with an easy-to-use UI. Beginners can quickly learn the game’s controls. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity—the gameplay is difficult and demands expertise to master. Sonic Forces – Running Battle will have you playing for hours with its simple controls and captivating tale. So, join Sonic and his friends as they race through thrilling levels, avoiding obstacles and defeating opponents.

    Free to Play?

    Absolutely! You’ll love that Sonic Forces – Running Battle is free to download and play. This fascinating game is completely free. Why wait? Start Sonic now on your app store! In this fascinating game, you may find interesting in-app purchase options to enhance your gameplay experience. These purchases can give you extra lives and amazing power-ups to beat even the toughest difficulties. With these upgrades, you can dominate the competition and improve your game skills. Why wait? Discover the thrill of in-app purchases today!

    Why you should play?

    Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a must-play for Sonic fans and action game fans. This game’s intriguing gameplay and breathtaking visuals will keep you on the tip of your seat, awaiting what’s next. Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a must-play for fans old and young. Why wait? Discover Sonic today! Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a jewel with thrilling levels, memorable characters, and fascinating gameplay. You’ll spend hours playing this masterpiece as Sonic and his companions go on an epic adventure. Sonic Forces – Running Battle will impress you with its amazing graphics, deep sound effects, and simple controls. Why wait? Dive into Sonic Forces – Running Battle today and experience the pursuit like never before!

    The Pros and Cons


    • Exciting levels and challenging obstacles
    • Colorful graphics and memorable characters
    • Simple controls and intuitive gameplay
    • Free to download and play


    • In-app purchases can be expensive
    • Some levels may feel repetitive or frustrating
    • May require a stable internet connection to play

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    Platforms: Sonic Forces – Running Battle is available on both iOS and Android devices.

    Minimum and recommended specs

    Minimum specs:

    • iOS 9.0 or later
    • Android 4.4 and up
    • 1GB RAM

    Recommended specs:

    • iOS 11.0 or later
    • Android 7.0 and up
    • 2GB RAM or higher


    Sonic Forces – Running Battle is a highly addictive mobile game. For fans of Sonic or action games, this game is a must-play. Sonic Forces – Running Battle will give you a memorable gaming experience whether you’re a series lover or just seeking for a good time. Why wait? Download Sonic Forces – Running Battle today for an amazing adventure that will thrill and entertain you! Sonic Forces – Running Battle is the perfect mobile game to keep you on your toes. This thrilling journey will hook you from the start. With its simple controls, you may leap, slide, and spin through each level, dodging obstacles and collecting rings. Sonic Forces – Running Battle’s playability isn’t its only draw. As you play, you’ll enjoy the game’s characters. From the quick and gregarious Sonic to the rugged and determined Knuckles, each character has their own personality and talents, allowing for a really immersive and fun experience. Download Sonic Forces – Running Battle today for a thrilling, dangerous, and amazing journey. We promise!

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