Updated Headwear Gacha (November 2022) – Ragnarok Eternal Love


November 2022 Headwear Gacha

Item Name Slot Stats Deposit
Duchess of Bat [1]
Duchess of Bat [1]Headwear
  • Holy, dark, ghost and poison element damage +10%
  • Damage increased by 10% when attacking targets with inferior element
  • Atk +1%, M.Atk +1%
Pumpkin Icing
Pumpkin IcingFace
  • All Attributes +5
  • Phy. Pen. +5%
  • While attacking, apply a Curse Status to the target for 3 seconds
  • Max HP +120
Silent Ghost Servant
Silent Ghost ServantMouth
  • Damage dealt to Demi-Human race +8%
  • Damage received from Demi-Human race -8%
  • Atk +6, M.Atk +6
Pharaoh Cat
Pharaoh CatBack
  • All Attributes+1
  • Skill SP Cost -5%
  • Max Hp +60, M.Def +4
Red Devil Stinger
Red Devil StingerTail
  • Int +3
  • Dex +3
  • M.ATK +40
  • Atk +4, M.Atk +4
Devil's Crown [1]
Devil's Crown [1]Headwear
  • Damage to Holy Element Monsters +3%
  • Holy Element Damage Taken -3%
  • Max Hp +60, Def +4

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