Flame Elementium Farming – Torchlight Infinite Guide for Season 2 Blacksail


The new Blacksail update comes with its new features and twists into the endgame content, particularly with flame elementium farming. What was once a simple run and grind mechanic of season 1 is gone and now is replaced with the new playbook that is a challenge to overcome. 

Fast and Easy Flame Elementium Farm Guide

Our Flame Elementium guide that has been updated from season 1 will carry over its core mechanics while taking on new strategies to maximize each farm run. We recommend that you have a good hero who can clear maps quickly and has good gear, as we are optimizing tier 7-8 runs.

The Basics Of Farming Flame Elementiums In The Blacksail Update

The Blacksail update may be overwhelming for new and returning players, especially given the number of strategies used by players in the Torchlight Infinite community, so let us begin with the basic mechanics of how it works and then learn what we can do to apply two strategies with minimum investments for maximum returns of our time and materials.

1. Map runs will involve getting Void Sea Flames from monsters with purple icons on the minimap.

2. At the end of the map run, you will receive a Darksail Totem; killing the two void pirate waves will unlock a Seal Whisper; collect 6 to activate the Bride of the Void Sea; and defeat her to obtain the Void Sea Treasure.

3. Sea whispers are randomized, so you have to do some math and decide which ones to pick for either increased flame fuel, increased flame fuel conversion, or flame elementium drops, which are found with Whispers of Wealth, more on this later.

4. Once all 6 seals of whispers are complete, it will transform into a portal to challenge the Ghost Sea Bride.

5. A combination of the right whisper seals, affixes, compasses, and a little luck should land you a good number of flame elementiums. 

The Two Strategies for farming Flame Elementium

We will use two strategies to maximize your Flame Elementium farm’s output by using:

  1. Blacksail’s Sea Whisper mechanic as the main focus for Flame Fuel conversion and duplication to be upgraded.
  2. Traditional map runs using trait cards, affixes and compasses from season 1 to increase chances for Flame Sand drop and conversion to Flame Elementium.

We’re starting with the Seal Whisper mechanic because it’s the most important part of your flame elementium farm run. To put this first strategy into context, it means that the traditional map run will provide a small boost to your flame elementium drop rates.

This strategy is still under the random number generator mechanic in Torchlight Infinite, so this still means that having a maximum amount of flame elementiums can range from a few handfuls to a small stack. This is why we employ this strategy to ensure that you receive the maximum amount possible rather than none at all. 

Let us first understand the first concept, which is the Seal Whisper reward system.

The Void Sea Treasure Reward System

One thing to note with the reward system is that there is an overlooked feature for most players due to a translation error or how the text was worded out. In any case, understanding what these rewards mean can help you increase your rewards, especially when it comes to flame elementiums.

The distinction is due to the Flat and Base Void Sea Treasure Drops. Flat drops are simply bonus drops from the Void Sea Treasure chest, while base Void Sea Treasure drops are affected by the stacking effects of the whispers that you have taken from choosing the Seal Whispers and their affixes.

“Void Sea Treasures drop 5 more Flame Fuel,” for example. This means that after opening the Void Sea Treasure, an additional 5 of these Flame Fuels will be dropped instantly.

Base Void Sea Treasure, on the other hand, has a “+90% chance of appearing among base Void Sea Treasure drops.” This will mean that, taking this affix, there is a percent chance that there may be flame fuel drops that may appear with the base Void Sea Treasure drop percentage, which is determined by percent stacking.

This is why it is important to have an even mix of Whispers of Wealth and Wonder and to understand how they can play each other to determine the amount gathered after opening the Void Sea Treasure Chest. This is how the Blacksail update has many new players are left scratching their heads.

Thankfully, our quick reference image should give you an idea of which Seal Whisper affixes to go for when it comes to decide which is the best.

As to the combination of the six seals, that would be left with a little luck and some basic computations. 

The best tip to use will be to be aware of adding a good balance of Whisper of Wealth and Whisper of Wonder to the mix. Your real objective here is to make sure the Whisper of Wonder percentages are as high as they can be.

Refer to our Whispers list segment below for the best choices for conversion and duplication of Flame fuels.


Whispers of Wealth will be our primary tool for flame fuel drops. This Seal Whisper will be our base formula, as it involves gathering and converting a number of drops from the Void Sea Treasures gained after battling the Bride of the Void Sea

Your goal here is to select the highest chances for drop rates, you will have to choose if you would rather take the chances for appearing among the base drops or flat drops listed below as “additional Flame Fuel”.

Affix List to look out for:


  • +90% chance for Flame Fuel to appear among base Void Sea Treasure drops.
  • +24% additional Flame Fuel in base Void Sea Treasure drops.
  • +25% chance for Rare gear dropped from Void Sea Treasures to become Flame Fuel .
  • Void Sea Treasures drop 3 additional Flame Fuel.


  • +135% chance for Flame Fuel to appear among base Void Sea Treasure drops.
  • +36% additional Flame Fuel in base Void Sea Treasure drops.
  • +38% chance for Rare gear dropped from Void Sea Treasures to become Flame Fuel.
  • Void Sea Treasures drop 5 additional Flame Fuel.


  • +185% chance for Flame Fuel to appear among base Void Sea Treasure drops
  • +48% additional Flame Fuel in base Void Sea Treasure drops
  • +50% chance for Rare gear dropped from Void Sea Treasures to become Flame Fuel
  • Void Sea Treasures drop 7 additional Flame Fuel


  • Void Sea Treasures drop 14 additional Flame Fuel

Whisper of Wonder

Whispers of Wonder is the key component of our strategy. When combined with Whispers of Wealth, it should increase the chances for Flame Fuel, such as Flame Sand, to be converted into Flame Elementium. There are two types that you have to consider.

The first are the affixes that have a chance to upgrade. Second are the affixes that have the chance to multiply the flame fuels by two times. That’s the tricky part to manage, as you still have to aim for the upgrade chances while having more flame fuel to balance things out.

Affix List to look out for:


  • +4% chance for Flame Fuel dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be upgraded.
  • +21% chance for Flame Fuel, Embers, and Fluorescent Memories dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be multiplied by 2 times.


  • 5.9% chance for Flame Fuel dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be upgraded.
  • +31% chance for Flame Fuel, Embers, and Fluorescent Memories dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be multiplied by 2 times.


  • +8% chance for Flame Fuel dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be upgraded.
  • +41% chance for Flame Fuel, Embers, and Fluorescent Memories dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be multiplied by 2 times.


  • +85% chance for Flame Fuel, Embers, and Fluorescent Memories dropped from Void Sea Treasures to be multiplied by 2 times.

The Best Maps to Farm

There are several map changes from S1 with the Blacksail update, and for most runs, you can do it in two ways.

  • The first is following a trait card combo we will list down below as a recommended route.
  • If the card combination is bad or not existing then you still want to go for the small map.

The goal of the map run is to gather the number of Void Sea Flames as fast as you can to begin the Darksail Totem battle and select the right Void Sea Whisper.

The new maps are laid below. With small maps being the most sought out due to how fast runs would be to save you time. While Plane Watcher bosses still do the trick, they are simply a secondary objective for flame elementium farming.

Glacial Abyss’ small maps include Dragonrest Plateau and Ramparts of Belief and Justice to be the fastest runs.

The small maps for Blistering Lava include Plaza of Everest which is recommended with Twisted Valley if the right trait card is shown.

Steel Forge’s recommended small map would be Thorny Filth as an area that is fast and easy to clear.

For Thunder Waste, Grove of Calamity is the smallest and fastest map to run and is favored by many due to its straight layout that can clear paths easily.

The Voidlands generally have maps that are best avoided due to sprawling layouts that cut out the efficiency in map runs. Some players who find beacons for the voidlands would either continue running with them or just sell them at the trade house.

Another tip we can give you to max out your map run grinds would be the Beacon trick, use Netherrealm resonance to purchase beacons and grind strategically. if you ever run out of beacons for your map runs. buy them at Edwin’s Black Market.

The Beacon Shop is sometimes overlooked by many players, but getting an extra 20 a day for your map runs would add chances. The investments being stacks of Netherrealm Resonance

With the map overview, we go to trait card decks and their combos.

Recommended Trait Cards and Deck Combos

The purpose of trait cards this season is similar to season 1 in that they add controlled bonuses to a map run. With the Blacksail update however, they have either been a secondary strategy to farm flame elementiums with other players taking an alternate route with gear farming to sell at the trade house.

We can still make use of this as we mentioned earlier that aside from Flame Sand drops that can be converted to Flame Elementium, there is also the gear and other items that can be cashed in at the trade house.

Flame Elementium Trait Cards Deck Overview

These are the main cards to run and a must have when starting the map run.

  • Honest (Priority) – This card acts as a utility card for increased drop quantity and -1 attempt when running a stage. It includes Inheritance and must always be the first card you should play.
  • Benevolent (Priority) – This is a must have card to upgrade flame sands that are flat drops into flame elementium.
  • Admiring – can act as a utility card to increase drop quantity and drop rarity for flame sand or flame elementium.
  • Sharp (Priority) – This card is best combined with Benevolent as its gear drops have a percent chance to be converted to flame fuel which in turn could be upgraded to Flame Elementium.
  • Reserved – A situational card to reshuffle chosen cards, this can make or break the deck and map run by what it achieves, so save this just in case.

    God of Might situational cards:
  • Loyal – this card ensures that a God of Might shrine is spawned at maps where no god of might shrine will be.
  • Perserverance – increases the chances of rewards given after finishing the God of Might shrine trial.
  • Forthright – this card adds chances for monsters to drop 6-affix rare gear in the hopes of flame fuel conversion combined with Admiring, Sharp and Benevolent cards.
  • Relentless – adds 2 dwarven automatons to increase the added monsters to farm from. Do note that you need good gear and skill use to kill them as they get tougher with each level.

The God of Might card deck is one of our strategies that adds summoned monsters to drop materials to be converted to flame fuels. This deck is a monster spawn strategy that now supports the flame elementium farm runs of season one, where the trait card combos revolve around large numbers of monsters as its core method of farming Flame Fuels for Flame Elementium conversion.

The Blacksail Flame Elementium Trait Card Combo Deck

With the Blacksail update changing the way farm runs work, we must note that trait cards do not affect the Void Sea Treasure drops. Their current purpose is to at least support your farm runs.

These should be your typical runs and if you are looking for an image diagram to understand how it works, you can refer to our old Flame Elementium image diagram to see how it used to work. As with whispers “rng” mechanics are involved so ideally you still want to run an ideal combo and these are the most recommended.

Normal Runs with 5 Inheritance buffs:
AdmiringRelentless> BenevolentSharp> last is Forthright using this compasses (Abundance compass, Shiny Brilliance compass, Shiny Might compass)
The normal 5 runs are your standard run to allow an optimal farming route, activate the cards in order for the Trial of Might to be performed and supplement Forthright with the right compasses. Benevolent and Sharp will go hand in hand.

Advance Run with Honest:
HonestReservedPerseveranceAdmiringRelentlessBenevolentSharp> last is Forthright using these compasses (Abundance compass, Shiny Brilliance compass, Shiny Might Compass)
Honest is your go to card with Reserve hopefully granting you the right cards in the same order as this combo. The difference with this combination happens to be based if you have the right trait cards on the map.

Special run:
Loyal> Relentless> Benevolent> Perseverance> Admiring with (Abundance compass, Brilliance compass, Shiny Might compass)
Special runs mean taking a chance with the God of Might shrine when there are mismatches and broken combos among normal and advanced runs. Without a Sharp card, the option you have is Admiring with the chance of Flame Sand or Flame Elementium drops.

Best Affixes and Compasses to farm Flame Elementium – Blacksail Update

Compasses in the Blacksail update have changed in priority. While other strategies still highly employ them, they require some investments to purely grind out gear and drops. Our current recommended list should support the current trait card combo deck by making use of Netherrealm resonance rerolls for affixes and compasses to give us a fighting chance for our farm runs.

For affixes look for :

  • Drop Rarity
  • Drop Quantity

For compasses look for

  • Abundance compass – 90% Drop Quantity
  • Shiny Brilliance compass – additional Flame Fuel Drop Quantity
  • Shiny Might compass – Adds a Trial of Might to your map

Bonus Pactspirits for Flame Elementium Farming

The best Pactspirits to run with the map runs will support you, like “Happy Chonky” which can boost the amount of flame fuel drop quantity for a maximum of 16% when you add his trait point of “Drop Quanity 1” to increase conversion with the Benevolent card into Flame Elementium when you play them.

Sell Stuff for Semi-Passive Flame Elementium

As you can see T6 gear can be of varying prices of Flame Elementium

Selling unused gear such as legendary items and beacons at the trade house is a semi-passive way to earn some flame elementium. Some players, as mentioned earlier, will opt for the gear grind and convert method.

Unfortunately, with the ever changing market of supply and demand, this is a heavy investment that would require more time and effort on your part, as you also have to know which items can sell and how to find them with a RNG factor involved. 

With all these in mind, we hope that you get a lot of Flame Elementiums in this Blacksail season update. For more Torchlight Infinite Tutorials and Guides, click on our other links below.

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