Flame Elementium Farming – Torchlight Infinite Guide for Beginners


Do you want to find a better way to farm the already rare Flame Elementiums? Take a look:

Look at all that Loot!

How to get this many Flame Elementiums? The answer is preparation, and this guide is the key. We included the best practices for you to take for both a beginner and a veteran. Watch the whole run here, and read on.

Article Disclaimer: This article’s current method has been updated to Flame Elementium Farming Guide – Torchlight Infinite (Season 2: Blacksail)

Table of Contents

    Setting Up Your Farm Run

    The first step will require you to take your time familiarizing yourself with the steps and preparing for the best loot drop opportunities. Our guide features the necessary matters to look over and aim for. Frequently asked questions, such as:

    • What are Affixes and Compasses?
    • Which maps should I take?
    • What are these Trait cards and Chaos cards? Is there a good combo to them?
    • How often can I get a lot of Flame Elementium drops?
    • What do I do if the Trait cards combo doesn’t show?

    All these and more are answered below.

    Do this guide and all that you see and more can be yours.

    Maps – Which Routes to Take

    Sun Tzu’s Art of War speaks about the advantages of knowing the terrain; in Torchlight Infinite’s case, it will be the map. You’ve been here before, but in optimizing for the Flame Elementium farm runs, having these map references will be handy.

    The best areas to farm for Flame Elementiums are Timemark’s Tiers 7-8. If Tier 8 is too difficult and to save time, Tier 7 will be our sweet farming spot as it gives off a fair challenge to blitz through with any type of run.

    Looking at every run after a chaos invasion attempt of 5 there will be a reshuffling of two card types the Trait and Chaos cards. You’ll find more info about them later, all you have to note is that along with the beacon resources that you have, your best bet will be to look at each zone to see the Trait card combo that we will list below.

    Build the Correct Trait Cards – The Flame Elementium Deck

    There is a set of random cards given to you per map run as you view each biome. Right now, you want to assemble and have this deck for optimized Flame Elementium farming.

    A mental note is the random shuffling of Trait cards and Chaos cards, the objective of having this deck is to help control the flow of an otherwise chaotic shuffle as far as card effects go. As you take a look at the cards, you can note their effects and little symbols to see how powerful they can be when the process of Awakening takes place.

    Awakening Cards

    The Just Card’s effect will awaken the cards like Sharp and Generous for better effects.

    Awakening cards are always a good thing, as they can double the effects of a card. The core card we are running this combo with is the Just card, its effects mean awakening 3 cards at the risk of 1 card disappearing from the map. We can discuss more card combos later, but the core cards you want to be awakened are Sharp, Generous, and Magnanimous.

    When doing a map run, having these core cards guarantees you a higher percentage of flame elements dropping; when combined with the affixes later, you’ll see how insanely rich this method becomes. You’ll get that “Eureka!” moment once everything clicks together. Check out our card combo diagram to see how this works.

    Flame Elementium Trait Cards Deck Overview

    These are the main cards to run and a must-have when starting the map run.

    • Honest(Priority) – This card allows acts as a utility card for increased drop quantity and -1 attempt when running a stage. It includes Inheritance and must always be the first card you should play.
    • Just (Priority)- This tricky card will determine the quality of your map run. Check our combo card diagram for more information.
    • Sharp (Priority) – this gives you the chance of converting rare gears directly into Flame Fuel (flame sands and flame elementiums).
    • Generous (Priority) – Flame Fuels (flame sands and flame elementiums) dropped from Sharp effects will have the chance to be converted into Flame Elementium.
    • Magnanimous – 42% chance for rare monsters to drop 1 more 6 affixed rare gears.

    Situational Cards Overview

    These cards will be secondary once you play out the main cards, and their purpose is to further increase Flame Elementium drop chances.

    • Desire – A great card to run as it increases drop quantity and rarity which are the Flame Fuels(flame sands and flame elementiums).
    • Doughty – These two cards simply add more monsters, more monsters = more chances of dropping.
    • Valiant – This card is a utility card to add more monsters. It’s the Inheritance effect that is played here.
    • Pity – A great finisher card to run with the Plane Watcher Boss of the map and complete the run.
    • Benevolent – This card can make or break your deck combo by increasing the chance for Flame Fuel drops to be upgraded.

    Card properties included: 

    These are the main properties to have when the cards indicate their names. Inheritance takes the true priority as cards with this property will carry over their effects for a number of times

    • Inheritance(Priority) – Card affixes will carry over stages in the plane. Running this equals all the bonuses that come with cards when played for a number of 2-5 times.
    • Drop Rarity – affects rare drops (gear only).
    • Drop Quality– affects the quality of all loot types dropped. Flame Elementiums included.

    The next on the list are affixes.

    Roll the Highest Possible Affix

    The little dice icon uses Netherrealm Resonance to reroll the Affixes, the + slots are made for compasses] 

    When clicking any map, you will be shown an overview menu filled with numbers, percentages, risks, and rewards. Since we are focusing on flame elementium farming, the only affix you really have to monitor is the drop quantity and drop rarity. At its base percentage of 60% drop quantity, you want to make sure to target 120+ to 135% drop quantity for full effects, and the best way to do that is by considering two factors.

    1. The base affix rerolls to get random percentages using Netherrealm resonance with the dice icon.
    2. Bonus affixes via compasses.

    You want to reroll for better percentages, but you also do not want the risks that come with it as both positive and negative bonuses are applied. We are moving to compasses next.

    Map – Setup Compasses

    Drop Quantity and Rarity will always be the best affixes to run with Flame Elementiums

    Remember to check which cards are in play, and once that is done, the way to compliment them is with compasses that act as bonus affixes to further increase loot drops and other bonuses.

    You can add up to 4 compasses to add the bonuses as you see in the image adding them means more bonuses to stack with the base affix and trait cards.  

    It is recommended that you place compasses that add rare monsters and increase the number of gear drops to convert to flame sand and flame elementiums via drop rarity. Rolling for 100% rarity drop or larger, your best bet is to only use them in a situational point by our speedrun formula diagram.

    There are currently three ways to gain compasses:

    • As you play the map runs.
    • By trial shrines which can be a rare sight.
    • The current season 1 dark surge button to unleash dark surge mobs for additional drops.
    Some trial shrines like the trial of hunting can give out bonus compasses for activating them.

    Do survive and be careful, getting wiped out more than 5 times will cancel the bonuses having good builds is crucial in utilizing risks and rewards to full effect.

    Speed Run Formula Diagram

    The overview for our speed run formula diagram will be a good reference point to see how your current map runs are progressing. If you are new to this, feel free to recheck this image to be able to see and understand the patterns.

    This diagram has been created to show you how to manage three different runs, If you get the best card combo, the “best run” gives you the most flame elementium drops. In most cases, though, you will go for “situational paths,” which are potential outcomes in case the card combos are broken. Finally, the “bad run,” which should still make the best of bad luck by speeding up your current farming methods.

    The Best Run

    The Best Run is composed of using the trait cards in order to maximize loot drops for Flame Elementiums. It starts with taking a look at our best combo run on the Speedrun Formula Diagram.

    It starts with 7 cards, and with all of them in place, you can clear the 5 chaos attempts due to playing the right order. 1st card to play is Honest as this won’t count as a map run and leave you with increased drop chances. However, the combo gets tricky once you run the next card Just as its effects will randomly awaken 3 cards and you should hope that it targets both Sharp, Generous, and Magnanimous at the very least. 3rd card is Sharp to which you can either run Daughty or Desire next. This is followed by Daughty, Generous, and Daughty with the last two being either Daughty or Desire.

    Sounds lucrative? Indeed, but fair warning: as random as map runs go, these cards will rarely show.
    As we mentioned, this is also a situational card. The Benevolent card can make or break the combo just by being awakened or not, thus adding the decision factor to your decision to pursue the added flame fuel drop chance.

    The rest of the combo should be fairly straightforward, even if the maps may vary. You typically want to end the combo on a big map based on the card with the rest of the cards that increase rare monster groups. It should also stack for the Plane Watcher bosses.

    Standard and Situational Runs

    Now that we have covered the Best Run we have the Standard combo that will also have variations below, we also included situational card combos so that you can maximize your runs as efficiently as possible. Do note that along with Chaos Cards, your understanding of the capabilities of the Trait Card Deck will come into play and there are many potential combos that may happen.

    Standard Combo – Generally the best run once the Best Run Combo has been broken. This means you are going to still have a good map run if these cards are shown on the map.
    Cards: Sharp ->Magnanimous ->Generous -> Choose either Doughty, Doughty or Valiant then finish with -> Desire.

    Situational Combo (A) – The High Priority Card to Run with this combo could either be Generous or Just, this means having an awakened chance is Just is still present. If not Generous is to be the first card played.
    Cards: Just -> Sharp -> Generous (1st if no Just Card) -> choose either Doughty, Doughty or Valiant, then finish with -> Desire.

    Situational Combo (B) – This combo relies on you trying to get the best chances if possible despite having a poor hand. The only thing to note with this combo is that you will need to use compasses for the last run.
    Cards: Just – > Doughty or Desire -> Generous -> choose either Doughty, Doughty or Valiant then add Compasses for the last run.

    If you take a look at our speedrun formula diagram we featured a few more potential combinations that we have encountered. It makes for good theory crafting of which cards are in play so believe in the heart of the cards as they say.

    The Bad Run

    For a run to be considered bad, it is as simple as checking the maps to see if you have the cards from the combo deck, You can also refer to our situational run; if the cards are not there.

    Once you come to understand how a best or standard run works. You have to be prepared for the bad runs. The rule is time vs. effort, being that you want to save time and select a small map to speed run straight to the Plane Watcher Boss.

    When starting out the Netherrealms without Trait Cards, just go for the small maps or ones that match your levels.

    It is a simple approach. Save your resources when doing bad runs and hopefully you get better with standard or best runs next time.

    More Tips:

    Why Farm Flame Elementiums

    Flame Elementium: Consumed when crafting gear with 5 or 6 affixes.

    Simply put, FE is needed to craft better gear as you reach the highest levels and endgame content. They are first found as you go up to Tier 4 Timemark, Tier 7-8 is the sweet farm spot as mentioned earlier. Getting FE’s amounts to two things, crafting better gear or trading for other currencies as they are valuable.

    The Expedition vs. Spacetime Turbulence

    Once you unlock the Netherrealms around levels 60+ you will come to a point wherein you must have the drive to maximize your gear, flame elementiums will be your best material to get endgame items. The best place to obtain them would be Netherrealm – Spacetime Turbulence. This guide should show you our best methods to farm for those flame elementiums.

    Overview of the Farming Run

    Each farming run will run a random gauntlet of buffs, de-buffs, and percentages. The time we spend farming and optimizing loot matters so understanding the interface layout can help you understand how the game works.

    Every map has a Chaos Invasion Attempt which is currently maxed out at 5. Each attempt to complete will reset and randomize the entire map.

    A quick tip: Find quests whose trait cards give the best effects so far while building the cards you need for your trait deck. Once you finish 5 chaos invasion attempt runs, You might also get the chance to unlock a choice of trait cards.

    Chaos Cards – Boon or Bane?

    Chaos Cards can be encountered early on as you unlock stages. You get chaos cards by the 3rd map run per timemark which adds up till you find the trait cards to complete your deck. Though this will take time to do so, they are the earliest bonus cards prior to a trait card which you gain as you progress in the farm run.

    It is a good way to practice risk vs reward with bonus affixes as you prepare to get the trait cards, once you get the first deck and upgraded the card to full 5 stars, chaos cards will be best avoided and only to be used on rare occasions where the benefits outweigh the risk. 

    Trait cards are important pieces to your map runs, everything is randomized, which creates a lot of results. Trait cards give some level of control via the effects for which each card is made. With a standard deck of ten cards, this means that those cards have a chance to be drawn per chaos invasion attempt of a map run.

    One note when farming the trait cards to upgrade you have to look for them at the right timemark for better results. Take time to familiarize yourself and select the right map, trait cards, and bonuses. You will also have to consider your levels vs the levels of the map zone which is not a problem once you max out past Level 80+ with the right gear.

    Trait card decks are unlocked around timemark tiers 2 to 4. This time around you will be given a choice to pick after completing every map run. Collect 10 trait cards to start unlocking the trait card deck

    The thing to note once you do more runs, the chances of upgrading the trait cards from 1 star to 5 stars will take time and luck. Your best bet for which cards to upgrade would be to go refer to our recommended trait card deck at the start of this article.

    More Tips For Beginners:

    • Netherrealm resonance is just as easy to get with affixes if you play and save them up. Max is 999
    • Chaos cards are the earliest “trait cards” you get with random effects. Take them as part of the advantages as you start to collect more trait cards per map run.
    • Stick to at least your current or a level above when farming to level up to Level 85.
    • The mid-game cycle is to initially save your flame elementiums till you reach Level 85 where you can start crafting better gear.
    • Buying beacons at Edwin’s trade shop is a good thing when you have extra Netherrealm Resonance.
    • Assigned pactspirit points on drop quantity will help you early as you level up to gain chances for Flame Elementiums early. 

    More Tips For Veterans

    • Optimize your build from transition to damage for higher levels, faster kills mean less downtime.
    • You can run 4 trait cards before using compasses for 1 big map for the best run.
    • At the Trade House, Blue items that have Level Requirements of 80-85 that have at least 1 T1 affix is decent gear if you are still building.
    • Pink and Purple items picked up at this point in the mid-game will require some reading on your part and can be traded for some flame elementiums at the trade house.

    Good Luck 😀

    With all these in mind, we hope that you get a lot of Flame Elementiums. While it may be overwhelming to new players; refer back to this guide slowly for more information. You’ll get it in no time. For more Torchlight Infinite Tutorials and Guides, click on our other links below.

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