An Easy Beginner Build For Berserker Rehan That You Need To Know


Berserker Rehan is possibly your first pick as your hero in Torchlight Infinite, and he is one of the easiest and most picked out of all other heroes based on appearances alone. If you have stumbled onto this article when learning to play Torchlight Infinite, why not check out our article on Torchlight Tips Guide.

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    If Berserker Rehan is your first character to play, the best tip we can give you is to take a look at our guide as a reference point for the copying the build as you level up. This will save you time for the re-spec later on.

    Torchlight Infinite – Berserker Rehan

    Berserker Rehan is best described by two traits; Strength and Power. As a melee based damaged dealer, wielding swords, axes and hammers as one, dual or two-handed weapons that can slice and dice opponents makes this hero easily speed-run through Torchlight Infinite’s story and end-game content. His popularity in user statistics proves his overpowered build is sought after by many players especially beginners as they look for maxing out gear while keeping his progression simple.

    How to Build the Berserker Rehan Character in Torchlight Infinite

    Rehan, is a perfect pick for those of you looking to get right in the middle of the action. As a melee warrior, he wields a huge weapon and excels at getting up close and personal with his enemies, especially with his Whirlwind skills, which convert all of his damage to fire.

    When creating your Torchlight Infinite berserker build, you want to focus on increasing his fire and attack damage by dual or two-handed wielding, with a bit of life steal and life regeneration into the mix, so he can easily clear waves and bosses. This also means picking up gear with high armor and life regen stats as you progress in game.

    Group the mobs and cast Whirlwind followed by Bloodlust, Fixate, Whirlwind till 100% and keep Rage Spam till the dust settles.

    Berserker Rehan’s Best Hero Traits

    The mechanic for Berserker class is that whenever you take damage or inflict damage you increase your rage, which in turn will increase your attack damage and attack speed. Simply keep hitting.

    For our hero traits, here’s the recommended list:

    • Level 13: Anger – During Berserk, triggers Burst once on hit. CD: 0.4s. Increases Burst Damage by 1% per level.
    • Level 32: Frenzy Furious – +0.8% Critical Strike Rating per Rage. +0.4% Critical Strike Damage per Rage
    • Level 50: Rampaging – Burst has 2 support skill slots. Generates 3 Rage upon defeating an enemy
    • Level 62: Boiling Anger – Gain 15 Rage on Critical Strike. Cooldown: 0.2s
    • Level 80: Reverberation – 50% chance to trigger [Burst] on Active Skill Critical Strikes. CD: 0.4s. Chance increases to 100% during Berserk. CD: 0.4s.

    Best Berserker Talents Setup

    For our talents, generally speaking, take your pick of fire and attack damage perks, but avoid taking Fire Penetration. We’ll explain why in a moment. For defenses, you want to try and take life and life regeneration nodes You’re going to start in the God of Might Tree. Burnout will be your main hero talent to take once you reached Level 10 and Fueling at Level 20 makes sure that fire-resistant enemies are still burnt to a crisp.

    Next Talent Tree should be the Bloodstriker with No Lose Ends and Sacrifice.

    Lastly take the Ranger Tree for Gravity and Keep it Up as this will help close in the distance of your Whirlwind per hit.

    Recommended Equipment for Building Berserker 

    As we mentioned with regards to gear, get the best armor with high regen and resistances to max out Rehan’s capabilities. Listed here are recommendations on the best gear once you have gone through the Netherrealms

    • Helmet: Tide of the Styx – Base HP plus Critical Strikes
    • Armor: Martyr’s Staff – +1 to all Stats, +Max Health
    • Necklace: Shooting Star – +(100-120) maximum life. Casting an attack skill costs 3% current life
    • Gloves: Ardour – +(80-90) maximum life, +(20-25) all stats, +(6-8)% Life Regain, Double Life Regain
    • Belt: Two-Faced Belt – +(15-20) strength and dexterity,+(10-15)% fire and lightning resistance, +(195-215) Armor and Evasion
    • Boots: Dragon Guardians Footguards – Resistances + Life Regen per movement.
    • Ring 1: Frozen Flame – +(8-12)% Maximum Life and Maximum Energy Shield, (34-36) – (44-46) fire damage added on attacks, +(40-60)% attack damage, +(50-80)% chance to trigger Lv. 20 Bull’s Rage on hit. Cooldown: 4s, +(25-35)% fire and lightning resistance
    • Ring 2: Divine Punishment Ring – Elemental Resistances

      Recommended Weapon
    • Weapon 1 & 2: Fire Lord’s Sin – Converts Physical to Fire Damage.

    This Current Whirlwind Build should get you through the main story and the end game content as it currently sits atop as one of the best builds, we hope to feature more content later as the game develops. We also have guides for other heroes like Commander Moto, Frostfire Gemma, Divineshot Carino, Spacetime Youga so feel free to check that out.

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