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Divineshot Carino is possibly your first pick as your hero in Torchlight Infinite, and he is one of the easiest and most picked out of all other heroes based on appearances alone. If you have stumbled onto this article when learning to play Torchlight Infinite, why not check out our article on Torchlight Tips Guide.

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    If Divineshot Carino is your first character to play, the best tip we can give you is to take a look at our guide as a reference point for copying the build as you level up. This will save you time for the re-spec later on.

    Torchlight Infinite – Divineshot Carino

    Divineshot Carino is best described by two traits; Speed and Mobility. Carino moves to gun down his opponents like a witch hunter, ranger and a cowboy archetype rolled into one. He will be best seen using the ranged weapons in the game to maximize his damage output, his weaknesses are supplemented in his strengths to take down opponents before they can reach him.

    Divineshot Carino Gameplay and Build Introduction

    Divineshot Carino works with four different ranged weapons: pistols, rifles, bows, and crossbows. Each weapon will vary in attack speed, reload time and attack power. For our current build we are going with the Fast Bow build while you scale to finish story content and make your way up to achieve the gear and optimize the skills as it should be.

    Recommended Skills for Building Divineshot Carino

    The build is simple when compared to other flashy builds you would want to pick up, the suggestion here is for you to master dodging and patterns with boss fights while gunning at them away with unlimited bullets.

    Use Blink to initiate or dodge, followed by Bloodlust then Aim and spam Split Arrows till the mobs are dead. The great thing about this combo is that it allows you to cover a wide area while having evasion options to reposition and reset the combo.

    Divineshot Carino Best Hero Traits

    The mechanic for Divineshot class involves a mobile shooter that involves dodges and a flurry of arrows, bolts and bullets. His true strength lies in the capability of using the elements to his advantage when doing spread shots to kill wave upon waves of enemies. For boss fights the blink maneuver coupled with multiple shots brings bosses down with ease.

    For our hero traits, here’s the recommended list:

    The Ranger of Glory trait is highly overpowered with the right equipment and skills, Carino’s attack speed will go through the roof.

    • Level 13: Ammo Expert
      Gains 1 Support skill slot for Support skills on the Hero Trait screen. Has a 30% chance to load special ammo.When consuming special ammo, Projectile skills are enhanced by the Support skill. Always reloads fully automatically. Using Projectile skills interrupts reloading For each special ammo fired recently, reduces reloading time by 0.2 seconds
    • Level 32: Heart-Piercing Shot – Reloading has a 25% chance to reload special ammo. +40% additional Critical Strike Rating for the Projectile Skill when firing special ammo.
    • Level 50: Punishment Barrage. Gains 1 special ammo slot to place a Support Skill. The Support Skill in the slot will enhance your Projectile Skills.+10% chance to load special ammo. 20% chance to gain Magic Shot for 4s when special ammo is consumed. During Magic Shot, Projectile Skills consume 3 ammo, including using/triggering Projectile Skills. During Magic Shot, reloading finishes instantly.
    • Level 62: Landslide. During Magic Shot, casting or triggering Projectile Skills consume all ammo in the magazine. +12% additional damage for the next Projectile Skill for each type of special ammo reloaded.
    • Level 80: Never Stopping. During Magic Shot, each Projectile Critical Strike extends the duration of Magic Shot by 0.7s.+45% Critical Strike Damage for this Projectile Skill for each Special Ammo consumed during Magic Shot.

    Best Divineshot Talents Setup

    For our talents, You are going to start in the God of Might Tree which seems to be different from a recommended tree. Tenacity and Great Strength.

    Next talent tree should be the Bloodstriker: Arcane and No Lose Ends.

    Lastly take the Ranger Tree for Shooting Arrows and Keep It Up.

    Recommended Equipment for Building Divineshot

    As we mentioned with regards to gear, get the best armor with high evasion and resistances to max out Carino’s capabilities. Listed here are recommendations on the best gear once you have gone through the Netherrealms, some of these were crafted and could be better.

    • Helmet: Legendary Soldier Spectacles for Attack Increase for HP Lost, Paralysis and Euphoria.
    • Armor: Elder Sage’s Regalia for Resistances and Armor.
    • Necklace: Flare Amulet with 6% Damage Stack per Blessing with 44% Projectile Damage.
    • Gloves: Marksman Bracers for 2 Jumps utility.
    • Belt: Light Hunter Belt to convert Life and Energy Shield.
    • Boots: Blade Dancer Steps for Mob Clearing. Valerie’s Night Stroll for Single Targets.
    • Ring 1: End of Confusion to be in sync with Blade Dance Steps.
    • Ring 2: Growth Ring for Mana and Resistances.
    • Weapon 1&2: Bow of Endless Dusk, for Crit Rating, Attack Speed and it’s physical damage.

    This current Lightning Shot Build should get you through the main story and the end game content as it currently sits atop as one of the best builds, we hope to feature more content later as the game develops. We also have guides for other heroes like Berserker Rehan, Ice-Fire Gemma, Commander Moto, Spacetime Illusion Youga, Oracle Thea, and Cateye Erika so feel free to check that out.

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