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Commander Moto may be your first hero choice in Torchlight Infinite, and he is one of the easiest and most popular of all the other heroes. If you are here because you are interested in learning how to play Torchlight Infinite, you should also read our Torchlight Tips Guide.

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    This beginner’s guide will provide you with an outline of how to build Commander Moto as you progress through the game.

    Torchlight Infinite – Commander Moto

    As a summoner of machines, Commander Moto’s army of robots can quickly break enemy lines while Moto buffs them from behind. His robot turrets, spider tanks, and minions can fight for him even though he is not a fighter himself. For anyone who enjoys the idea of commanding a large robotic army, Commander Moto is the ideal choice.

    Commander Moto Gameplay and Build Introduction

    One of the simplest classes to build is Commander Moto since you only need to concentrate on his main minions. You focus on gearing up for minion life and damage, barriers, and resistances. All Moto has to do is to summon and buff minions while repositioning to reset his summon and buff combo.

    Commander Moto Best Hero Traits

    Commander Moto’s Overload hero trait works by summoning bots as a buff. As you can see, cast speed is the best item to stack this trait on to spam the buff since it gives a lot of attack, chances for double damage, and casting speed.

    For our hero traits, here’s the recommended list:

    Overload: Provides buffs for your minions

    • Level 13: Order Calling +120% Overload effect, Minions last 10s longer when gaining Overload.
      Your minions will prioritize attacking the last enemy you hit.
    • Level 32: All In – +180% Overload effect, Minions’ Overload effect -9% for every 0.2s, up to -180% Overload gains an additional effect: +40% Critical Strike Rating.
    • Level 50: Veteran – Minions +6% Physique for every Overload gained, up to +30%.
      Minions +5% damage, for every Overload gained, up to +25%.
      Minions +4% Maximum Life, for every Overload gained, up to +20%.
    • Level 62: Brothers In Arms – When Minions deal Double Damage, there is a 8% chance of granting one of your Minions Overload. Prioritize Minions with no Overload. +10% Overload effect for each enemy defeated by you or your Minions, up to +50%
    • Level 80: Go For Broke – Minions lose 60% of current Life when gaining Overload.
      Overload gains an additional effect: +365 Critical Strike Rating

    Overload is a simple rule that gives the best bonuses every time. So, we’ll use this build and good gear to push our Minion’s abilities to their fullest.

    In the Blacksail update for Torchlight Infinite, there is a new way to make our heroes even stronger. These are our heroes’ relics and memories that will make Commander Moto strong.

    Our primary hero relic would be Gerry’s Legacy, which has three memory slots. You are going to focus on stacking memories with minion damage, getting minions to deal double damage, and getting additional Overload buffs.

    Here is a recommended list of hero relics to get:

    Best Commander Talents Setup

    For our talents, you would get nodes that focus on beefing up your minions. Start with the God of Machines tree. Shrink Back will be your main hero talent to take once you reach Level 10, and Mighty Guard at Level 20 makes full use of your machine legion.

    God of Machines

    Note: You can switch to Orders should you find your damage to be lacking at early fights.


    Next Talent Tree should be the Machinist tree with Boss and Kinetic Conversion


    Lastly take the Warlock Tree with Prelude and Off the Beaten Track

    Best Pact Spirits for Commander Moto

    Our best Pactspirit recommendations for Moto include effects that increase servant damage, servant speed, and servant life. Pactspirits such as Mechanical Throne and Drapion Lady can further enhance Minion’s capabilities.

    The image below would be the Pactspirit tree slot allotment. It focuses exclusively on minion damage, attack, attack speed, and barriers as the main allotment points in the inner, middle and outer rings.

    Recommended Skills for Building Commander Moto

    Our main skill will be Summon Machine Guard, which gives us 6 minions when we stack them. Next will be Corruption, which adds erosion damage to a nearby area, and then Dark Gate, which warps your minions to your location and makes them use Onslaught Punch to charge at their enemies. The combo is easy because all you have to do is wait until your hero gauge reaches 100% and then do it again.

    The primary Summon Machine Guard combo uses Maniacal Army, Bloodthirsty Slaughter, Critical Strike Damage Increase, Mechanical Modification and Steamroll. For this, summon three minions.

    Summon Machine Guard damage per second at level 80 would amount to 100 thousand with a base number from this guide in combination with equipment, Pactspirits, and talents. With 6 minions, this can easily reach a million damage in a matter of seconds.

    A secondary Summon Machine Guard skill will add 3 more units and use Mechanical Modification, Passivation, Multistrike, Bloodthirsty Slaughter, and Mark. In terms of damage variation, these various support skills would supplement the first summoned Machine Guard.

    Blink is a utility repositioning skill that uses Cooldown Reduction, Periodic Burst and Quick Mobility. This lets you dot to safety if you take damage and to prepare Dark Gate.

    Dark Gate is a small warp skill that teleports minions to you as they go and charge at enemies. This handy skill, when timed with Overload, causes a lot of damage. Take Extended Duration, Cooldown Reduction and Pain Amplification.

    Corruption is a damage-overtime skill using erosion. It’s only support skill is Abysmal Hatred.

    Auto Defense allows Moto to have defenses. Use Delayed Pain, Iron Fortification and Cooldown Reduction for additional survival chances, especially with boss fights.

    Rejuvenation will help with Moto and Minion’s health regeneration, which uses Seal Conversion, Steadfast and the Magical Source.

    Finally, Weapon Amplification will increase self-plus-minion damage. Use Fearless to increase critical strike chance, critical strike damage, and skill radius.

    Energy Allocation

    Your energy allocation when you reach level 80 is primarily focused on your main damage skill, all others would take up energy according to the image above. We recommend you balance gear energy and their affixed stats as you grind for equipment.

    Recommended Equipment for Building Commander 

    Moto works best with gear that caters to his minions and buffs their stats overall. You can also get resistances and life regeneration to max out Moto’s capabilities.

    Helmet: Dragon Face Guard or focus on at least 1-2 stats on this list:

    • Elemental resistances
    • Additional Armor

    Armor: Fallen Knight’s Armor or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:

    • Minion maximum life
    • Minion energy shield
    • Resistances
    • Minion Damage

    Necklace: Moonstone Amulet or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:

    • Minion damage
    • (%) Erosion resistance
    • Minion movement
    • Minion attack speed

    Gloves: Miniature Void Sea and its base affixes

    Belt: Dragonblood Belt and or focus at least 3 stats on this list:

    • (%) life regeneration speed
    • Erosion resistance
    • (%) minion damage

    Boots: Dragon Guardians Footguard or focus at least 3 stats on this list:

    • Minion elemental resistance
    • Erosion resistance
    • Elemental Resistance

    Ring 1: Divine Punishment Ring or focus at least 3 stats on this list:

    • (+) Minion damage
    • Life regeneration speed
    • Erosion Resistance

    Ring 2: Horn Ring and its base affixes

    Weapon 1&2 : Interlocking Soul or focus on at least 3-4 stats on this list:

    • (+) minion damage
    • added minion buff duration
    • added minion life
    • added minion life regeneration
    • added stats of strength and intelligence

    This current Minion Army Commander build should get you through the main story and into Netherrealm farming. We hope to feature more content later as the game develops. We also have guides for other heroes like Berserker Rehan, Ice-fire Gemma, Divineshot Carino, Spacetime Illusion Youga, Oracle Thea and Cateye Erika so feel free to check that out.

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