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Cateye Erika is possibly your first pick as your hero in Torchlight Infinite, she is a feisty hero that can zip and claw her way across the map faster than the other heroes. If you have stumbled onto this article when learning to play Torchlight Infinite, why not check out our article on Torchlight Tips Guide.

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    With Cateye Erika being the latest hero unveiled with Torchlight Infinite’s Blacksail update, the best tip we can give you is to take a look at our guide as a reference point for copying the build as you level up from 1-80. This will save you time to experiment and re-spec as you learn to make your own.

    How To Unlock Cateye Erika

    Cateye Erika is an unlockable hero that is currently obtainable via the current Blacksail season pass unlock, she can then be unlocked via hero emblems after the season ends. She is currently a popular pick for many new players looking for fast and exciting gameplay too.

    Cateye Erika’s Gameplay & Build Introduction

    Cateye Erika’s build will make use of her hero traits while allowing for fast and easy map clearing. multistrikes and movement based attacks make Erika an aggressive hero that is always on the run. 

    Our useful dex stack lightning build should assist you in making this a reality, and it is simple for beginners. It will feature lightning blitzes with minimal downtime for maximum map clearing efficiency, allowing you to clear out Torchlight: Infinite Blacksail’s content all the way to the Netherrealms.

    Cateye Erika Best Hero Traits

    Wind Stalker is the hero trait of Cateye Erika. Gains Cat’s Agility for 10s after making 6m of movement. Cat’s Agility Effect:

    • While Cat’s Agility is active, +20% movement speed.
    • While Cat’s Agility is active, 200% of increase/decrease in movement speed is also applied to attack damage.
    • You cannot gain Cat’s Agility again by moving while Cat’s Agility is active.

    Cateye Erika’s hero trait makes her the fastest hero to move around maps it also allows additional attack damage making movement based attacks and skills to make potential combinations.

    Hero Trait – Wind Stalker
    Gains Cat’s Agility for 10 seconds after making 6m of movement.
    Cat’s Agility effect: While Cat’s agility is active, +20% movement speed while Cat’s agility is active, 200% of the increase/decrease in movement speed is also applied to attack damage. You cannot gain Cat’s agility again by moving while Cat’s agility is active.

    Level 13 – Hot Pursuit
    +200% Multistrike chance during Cat’s Agility.
    Gains 1 stack of Stalker for every 2mm of movement during Cat’s Agility, up to 2 stacks.
    Stalker: Multistrike deals 20% additional damage with each strike.
    When multistrike ends or you lose Cat’s agility, you lose all stalker stacks.

    Level 32 – Have Fun
    +3% attack speed for every 1 m of movement made recently during multistrike.
    +6% additional attack speed during multistrike for every 1 stacks of Stalker you have.

    Level 50 – Cat’s Punches
    Max stalker Stacks +1. Each multistrike deal 10% more damage for each 1 stack(s) of stalker you have.

    Level 62 – Cat Walk
    Your multistrike count will not be interrupted during Cat’s agility. No longer loses stalker after multistrike ends Stalker lasts for 3 seconds.

    Level 80 – Cat’s Vision
    During Cat’s agility, max stalker stacks +1 upon reaching the max multistrike count, up to +3 until Cat’s agility ends.

    Hero Relics and Memories for Cateye Erika

    Torchlight Infinite’s Blacksail update brings a new mechanic to further make our heroes powerful. These are our hero relics and memories for Cateye Erika to make her strong.

    • Cat’s Vengeance Diary (3 Slot Engrams)
      Get this item for added chances for multistrike Count as well as a +15% Magic Memory Effect for Erika’s Wind Stalker trait to last longer.
    • Tips for Cats – an item that adds critical strike rating and 23% chances to multistrike.
    • Cat’s Night Safari – the +10% multistrike chance additional per 2m of movement and stacks up to +300% .
    • Butterfly Hunting – activates Cat Dive which during multistrike is a +1% chance for this attack to deal damage equal to the maximum multistrike Count for every +5% movement speed you have +1 maximum multistrike count for every 1 stacks of stalker you have.

    Note: For Butterfly Hunting, the technicality of this item is to either switch it with the Cat Walk Hero Trait or find an item that adds multistrike or critical strike rating.

    Best Cateye Talents Setup

    Goddess of Hunting

    You are going to start in the Goddess of Hunting with Paralyzed as your main hero talent to take once you reach Level 10 and Rushed at Level 20.


    Next talent tree hero traits with the Bladerunner would be with Transition and Quick Advancement.


    Lastly take the Ranger Tree with Gravity and Impending.

    Best Pact Spirits for Cateye

    Our best Pactspirit placement for Erika includes skills such as attack, multistrike, attack speed, critical strike rating with lightning damage and lightning penetration. 

    This is how it will look like with the Pactspirit tree slots. It focuses exclusively with attack and critical strike rating as main points allotted.

    Recommended Skills for Building Cateye Erika

    Begin with Spiral Strike to activate Stalker then Thunder Slash with Bloodthirst for increased attack speed then Bull’s Rage to increase attack damage, heal with Compound Potion, finish off with Thunder Slashes then rinse and repeat.

    Thunder Slash will be the main skill to pursue with this build as it allows Cateye Erika to deal damage with the Lightning Element. Multistrike coupled with your hero trait to increase attack speed allows for fast mob cleansing.

    By Level 80+ the damage should be enough to take down plane watchers and bosses for Timemark 7-8 in the Netherrealms.

    Compound Potion will be our utility skill to heal with Cooldown Reduction to make it easier to use once more. Berserk and Residues would add a little attack power and heal percentages making this a healing cocktail on the go after activating Bull’s Rage.

    Spiral Strike is an aoe-combo that can be used to initiate enemies by kiting them. Group them together and use this skill to initiate the combo above

    Bloodthirst will increase attack speed and movement speed. With these support skills that extend the buff time and cooldown reduction to allows for faster combo flows.

    Bull’s Rage will be our first skill to activate the combo run. Doing so increases Erika’s damage capabilities at the cost of her low life, this is why Compound Potion is activated. 

    Fearless passively increases your critical strike’s chances, damage and skill radius. Slotted with Electric Conversion and Magical Source grants additional lightning damage.

    Auto Defense should add a small amount of defense for Erika to cope with her offensive build especially with bosses that could potentially one-shot our hero.

    Cast on Critical Strike will be a utility skill that should add a some area of effect damage with Thunderlight Field to be activated with critical strike damage as our build highlights critical strikes as one factor, this skill will be instrumental against grouped enemies.

    Energy Allocation

    We are going to invest the largest amount of energy to the primary active skill to unlock all the necessary support skills required by the build. What follows in this image is the diagram of where the other points would go once you reach level 80.

    Recommended Equipment for Building Cateye Erika

    As we mentioned with regards to gear, get the best equipment to max out Cateye Erika’s attack and critical strike capabilities. Be also on the lookout for armors that can add to her evasion and resistances against elemental damage. Listed here are recommendations on the best gear you can grind for as well as the affixes to focus on when getting these items.

    • Helmet: Watcher’s Gaze or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life,
      • elemental damage
      • dexterity stat
      • resistances
    • Armor: Sanctuary of Calamity or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life
      • hp regeneration
      • resistances
      • dexterity stat
    • Necklace: Assassin’s Amulet or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life
      • hp regeneration
      • resistance.
    • Gloves: Hand of Calamity or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life,
      • added lightning damage
      • elemental damage
      • dexterity stat boost
      • fervor
      • resistance.
    • Belt: Wind Blade Belt or focus at least 3 stats:
      • max life
      • hp regeneration
      • resistance
    • Boots: Boots of Calamity or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life,
      • added lightning damage
      • elemental damage
      • dexterity stat boost
      • resistance.
    • Ring 1 &2 : Protection Ring or focus at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • max life,
      • adds physical damage as fire cold, and lightning damage
      • dexterity
      • resistance
    • Weapon 1 & 2: Hero’s Longsword or focus on at least 3-4 stats on this list:
      • added lightning damage
      • damage penetrates elemental resistance
      • multistrike,
      • critical damage
      • critical strike rating
      • dexterity stat boost

    As one of the best builds, this current Cateye Erika build should get you through the main story and end game content, and we hope to feature more content later as the game develops. We also have guides for other heroes like Berserker Rehan, Commander Moto, Divineshot Carino, Ice-fire Gemma, Spacetime Youga, and Oracle Thea so feel free to check that out.

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