Oracle Thea Build – Berserking Blade Guide Torchlight Infinite


In this guide we will feature Oracle Thea’s Berserking Blade, and what you need to get in order to achieve large amounts of damage and clear Torchlight Infinite’s endgame content.

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes that you are level 80 and above.

Oracle Thea is a character that heavily relies on Blessings to scale her damage output.

Table of Contents

    Hero Traits

    Her Hero Trait : Wisdom of the Gods revolves around Blessings. Gain, Stack, and Consume Blessings.

    That’s probably why she begins with the ability to passively gain Focus, Agility, and Tenacity Blessing, every 2 seconds subsequently. Although this is a small aspect in the bigger picture of the build, it’s still important to be aware of.

    Divine Punishment

    We know from our Oracle Thea guide that her Wisdom of the Gods trait involves blessings with Divine Punishment.

    Let’s quickly run through Thea’s hero trait. Divine Punishment. This is a circular area-of-effect skill that deals damage to enemies from above. To cast it, simply press the F key. It consumes all of your tenacity, agility, and Focus Blessings.

    The focus here, however, is not on the skill’s AoE damage, but rather the chain effects that are triggered when Divine Punishment is activated.

    The buffs we get are:

    +10% extra damage for each stack of Tenacity on the next main skill cast,
    +15% increased skill area per Focus Blessing, and
    +7% enhanced cooldown recovery for each stack of Agility Blessing.

    In this build, we take advantage of +8% total damage per stack of any Blessing consumed, which can reach up to 200% at 25 consumed Blessings.

    The effect is indicated by this icon appearing after Divine Punishment is cast, and the number indicating the Blessings consumed.

    Aside from the buff, there are two additional pieces of information to take away from here.

    First, the buff has a duration of 4 seconds and second, the cooldown for Divine Punishment is 9 seconds.

    It is important to note that our objective is to maintain the buff active at all times.

    Hero Traits for Berserk Blade Thea

    Let’s take a look at Thea’s Kit

    Level 13 – Finale Prophecy

    At level 13, she unlocks the Final Prophecy.

    It adds plus 5% additional damage, for each stack of Focus Blessing consumed recently.

    Notice that it says up to 25%, this means that with only 5 Focus Blessings consumed, you’ve already maximized this buff.

    Level 32 – Predicated Harvest

    Moving ahead to level 32, where we are given to choose either Predicted Harvest, or Predicted Judgment.

    While Predicted Judgment applies attack and defense debuffs to enemies, Predicted Harvest is the clear choice for any build.

    This is because Predicted Harvest gives us a 50% chance to get an additional stack of Focus Blessing whenever any blessings are obtained, including Focus Blessing itself.

    On top of our base trait that gives us Blessings every 2 seconds, there are many other ways to gain a stack of blessing. This is great news because we could have a 100% max stack of focus blessing all the time.

    In addition to our base trait that gives us Blessings every 2 seconds, there are many ways to gain Blessing stacks. This is excellent, as it means we could consistently maintain 100% stacks of Focus Blessing.

    But that’s not even the best part yet! The second effect of Predicted Harvest, gives us twice more chance for our Main Skill, to deal Double Damage if Divine Blessing consumes max stack of Focus.

    With the ability to maintain max stacks of Focus Blessing because of the first line, it becomes even easier to trigger this effect.

    Level 50 – Predicted Reincarnation

    At level 50, Predicted Reincarnation allows us to activate Divine Punishment whenever we deal double damage.

    Additionally, every enemy hit by Divine Punishment will result in the recovery of 2 stacks of Focus Blessing.

    This means that if 6 stacks of Focus Blessing were consumed during Divine Punishment, all of the lost Focus Blessing can be instantly recovered if Divine Punishment hits at least 3 enemies.

    This synergizes well with the Level 32 Predicted Harvest trait, as it gives us a 50% chance to gain another Focus Blessing stack whenever the effect is activated.

    Things just took a turn for the better, because before reaching level 50, you had to manually cast Divine Punishment to be able to chain all of these effects. Now, you can forget about it because it automatically happens.

    Level 62 – Predicted Sacrifice

    At level 62, we have the option of selecting between two traits, Predicted Hope and Predicted Sacrifice. Both offer significant damage buffs, so let’s examine them.

    Predicted Hope grants a 35% increase in Divine Punishment cooldown recovery speed and 50% additional damage to the next main skill for every stack of Focus Blessing consumed by Divine Punishment. That means if 8 stacks of Focus Blessing were consumed, this results in a 400% damage boost to the Main Skill.

    This sounds promising, however, we are not going to scale with the additional damage stat, making it less useful to us. We will better understand damage scaling as we delve further into the discussion.

    Predicted Sacrifice, on the other hand, recovers Tenacity and Agility Blessings equal to half the number of consumed Focus Blessing. For example, if 8 stacks of Focus Blessing were consumed, 4 stacks of Tenacity and Agility Blessings are automatically regained. These blessings give us some speed and damage reduction, but this is made even more impactful because of the Level 32 Predicted Harvest trait which triggers every time a blessing is gained, leading to maintaining 100% of Focus stacks almost all the time.

    On top of that, we also get a minor 40% additional damage when Divine Punishment drops. That’s additional damage to all, no only to the main skill. Not bad at all.

    Let’s choose Predicted Sacrifice to solidify our Focus Blessing gains, as we will be able to obtain a damage buffing trait in the next level.

    Level 80 – Farewell Prophecy

    The standout feature at level 80 for Thea is Farewell Prophecy. Although Predicted Justice may seem decent, Farewell Prophecy surpasses it by far. Instead of discussing Predicted Justice, I’ll immediately delve into Farewell Prophecy. 

    The first line effect of Farewell Prophecy, is the instant activation of Divine Punishment when the maximum stack of Focus Blessing is consumed. This makes it easier to determine if Divine Punishment has triggered the added benefits from Level 32’s Predicted Harvest’s increased chance for double damage and Level 62’s Predicted Sacrifice’s half the consumed Focus Blessing and 40% additional damage boost. In my experience, Divine Punishment has always been cast instantly. 

    This leads me to believe that, with just the traits maintaining our stacks, we are effectively keeping the Focus Blessing at its maximum. 

    The second aspect of Farewell Prophecy is the key to reaching 2.1 billion damage. Each stack of Focus Blessing increases the chance by 8% to turn the double damage dealt by Divine Punishment into quadruple damage. 

    This is the cornerstone of our build and we need to be aware of all the contributing factors to maximize the chances of quadruple damage.

    That’s a lot of damage!


    Conditions to achieve Quadruple Damage

    When we discussed Thea’s traits, we determined that specific conditions must be met in order to trigger quadruple damage. When building out our stats, it’s important that we are covering all of these conditions to maximize our chance.

    Let’s go through the conditions:

    The first step is to deal double damage. For Thea, the first way to build this up, is with Focus Blessings.

    Each Focus Blessing gives us +4% more chance to deal double damage.

    The first step is to deal double damage. For Thea, the first way to build this up, is with Focus Blessings.

    Each Focus Blessing gives us +4% more chance to deal double damage.

    If you remember, level 32 Predicted Harvest doubles our chance to deal double damage for 4 seconds, whenever Divine Punishment is activated.

    As a side note — it’s crucial to maintain the level 32 Predicted Harvest buff at all times.

    So with 10 Focus Blessings, we actually already have an 80% chance to deal double damage.

    To reach 100%, or more, here are additional sources of double damage chance.

    Sources to get Double Damage Chance

    Fixate Skill. Crafting a Necklace with Restless Ember. Plaintive Ball of ThreadViolet pact, or Fog Scorpion.

    From this information, I’m going to assume that we’ve achieved at least 50% double damage chance, which eventually becomes 100% when Predicted Harvest is active.

    With 100% chance to deal double damage secured, let’s proceed to the next stage, which is, to increase the chance to quadruple damage.

    Farewell Prophecy mentions two requirements for this:

    1.) The enemies must be hit by Divine Punishment. With the Level 50 Predicted Reincarnation, we don’t need to worry about this as Divine Punishment is automatically cast when double damage is dealt.

    2.) The chance to quadruple damage is influenced by Focus Blessing, with +8% chance per stack of Focus Blessing owned.

    It’s also important to note that the term “owned” is used, not “recently consumed,” unlike other buffs from Thea’s kit. This might be surprising, however do not worry, we have covered our blessing regained for this very purpose in the Hero traits chapter. Even if Divine Punishment consumes all blessings, we will instantly regain all stacks of Focus Blessing back.

    Looking at this table, having 10 Focus Blessings gives us a decent chance of 80%. But I believe we’re better off having at least 12 Focus Blessings. This is because we’re chaining all of these conditions together, and we want to keep the chances as high as possible.

    It’s clear that stacking Focus Blessing is important. In fact, investing in the maximum possible stacks of Focus Blessing, is recommended, as it increases both the chance of dealing double damage, and quadruple damage. The optimal range for Focus Blessing stacks is between 10, and 13.

    Damage Stats

    With this out of the way, we can now move on to assembling damage stats!

    Consider this formula.

    Our total damage is determined by the multiplier triggered, and the base damage we set. Obviously, a low base damage leads to a low total damage.

    The good news is, our damage multipliers make it possible for us to scale our damage exponentially.

    Here are the notable stats we can pull together to boost our base damage.

    Melee, Physical, and any attack related modifiers. Lightning damage modifiers. Paralysis. skill levels and the most impactful in my experience, Multistrike chance, and Multistrike damage.

    I made sure to give Critical Damage its own section in the graph, as it is a significant stat worth highlighting separately.

    Critical Damage multiplies all the stats we have accumulated. By only Talent Trees and decent gears, you can already stack up to 500%. That’s already 5 times our accumulated damage!

    Clearly, it is an outstanding stat to focus on in any build, and it is non negotiable.

    It’s important to keep in mind that Critical Damage is RNG. It is necessary to invest heavily in Critical Strike Chance to guarantee consistent critical strikes.

    To do this, we’re adding these additional stats to our build.

    Critical Strike Chance. Have Fervor. Fervor Effect.

    And since we’re already stacking up on Focus Blessings, let’s get Critical Damage per stack of Focus Blessing too.

    In the following chapters, we will begin building our talent trees and gear. Acquiring all of these stats we’ve mapped out will be our top priority.

    Talent Trees

    Choosing a talent tree can make or break a build. Talent nodes provide distinct boosts to a character’s base stats, increasing our potential for damage.

    For this build, we’ll use:

    Goddess of Hunting. For lightning resistance shred, critical rating, and lightning damage.

    Bladerunner. For attack speed, multistrike chance and multistrike damage,

    And finally, Warlock. For cooldown recovery, and skill level buffs.

    Goddess of Hunting

    The major talents should be:

    Paralyzed. For Lightning resistance shred.

    Impermanence. For additional min and max damage.

    For minor talents, choose these.


    The major talents should be:

    Static, for attack speed buff and energy shield regain.

    Quick Advancement, for Multistrike damage
    For talent nodes we will pick:

    Divine Punishment Cooldown (Why we’re picking Warlock)

    Before we move on to our third talent tree, let’s talk about Divine Punishment and its cooldown issues. 

    Consider the yellow bar to represent how long Divine Punishment is on cooldown, and the green bar to indicate how long all of its buffs are active. 

    If Divine Punishment has a 9 second cooldown and its buffs last 4 seconds, there is clearly a massive 5 second downtime that we will indicate on this red bar. 

    As a reminder, during this downtime, we are losing buffs from: Our base trait buffs. Final Prophecy. Predicted Harvest. Predicted Reincarnation. Predicted Sacrifice. and Farewell Prophecy. 

    This doesn’t look good at all. 

    We’ve worked hard to keep our damage consistently high, only to suffer through a 5-second downtime during which none of these buffs would be applied to our character. This will ruin our build. To solve this, we’ll choose Merciless from the Warlock tree.

    Merciless applies 15% of bonus attack and cast speed to our cooldown recovery speed. Simply put, the more attack and cast speed we have, all of our skill cooldown is also faster.

    Therefore, with Merciless, we should put in enough attack and cast speed, until we reduce Divine Punishment’s cooldown to 4 seconds.

    This is how it looks like when we have achieved this. Just as the buff expires, the skill is also ready to be cast again.


    The major talents should be:

    Merciless for cooldown recovery of all skills.

    Off the Beaten Track, which grants +3 Support Skill Level to all skills.

    Let’s pick the nodes for: Warlock.

    This brings us to the end of the Talent Tree chapter. I hope by this point, we have helped you get a clear understanding of how Thea’s kit works.


    Main and Active Skill

    Berserking Blade with Raging Slash, Multistrike, Critical Damage Increase, Added Lightning Damage and High Voltage.

    Spiral Strike with Hardened and Periodic Burst.

    Bloodthirst with Mass Effect and Mania.

    Bull’s Rage with Mass Effect, Mania and Deathwill.

    Fearless Warcry with Powerful Warcry, Lion’s Roars and Increased Area.

    Passive Skills

    Fearless with Precise: Elemental Resistance, Magical Source and Selfishness.

    Cast on Critical Strike with Electrocute, Precise: Thunder Imbue, Seal Conversion, Mark and Abysmal Hatred.

    Precise: Death Pact, Fixate, Seal Conversion and Overclock.

    Skill Combo

    Our skill combo begins with Bloodthirst for extra attack speed followed by Bull’s Rage for extra attack speed and skill radius, then Fearless Warcry to taunt nearby enemies and finally, Berserking Blade to kill off enemies. You will have to do this fast and you can see the DPS it inflicts within a few seconds.


    From the very beginning I’ve been guiding you by explaining the process in play to get quadruple damage — and eventually, 2.1b damage and even more!

    I’ve also explained thoroughly the stats that come together to do this, and that is because equipment stats will vary, my stats can’t be exactly the same as what you can get.

    Especially the legendary core items that I’m going to suggest. You can get better stats and equipment than I could — that said I will put recommended gears but you don’t have to follow them exactly.

    Core Equipment


    Here is my recommendation for the helmet


    For armor let’s get:

    Trinket – Necklace

    The best necklace I recommend for this build is:


    For gloves I suggest getting:

    Trinket – Belt

    The belt that I advise you to get is:


    Here is my top boot recommendation:

    Weapon (Main + Offhand)

    My recommended weapon choice:

    Trinket – Ring (Main + Offhand)

    For our rings:

    Hero Relic & Memory

    Relic and hero memory I would suggest:

    There is so much more that this build can improve, but we are more focused on builds that with as little investment as possible — but yields very satisfying results.

    Equipment Sources to get Max Focus Blessings

    I’d like to return to focus blessings, remember we need at least 10 to 13 Focus blessings to keep our double and quadruple damage chances high.

    Here is a table that shows where we get these Max Focus blessing Stacks from the equipment I mentioned you should be able to get at least 10 Stacks with the equipment I recommended and an additional three Focus blessings when the effect of the place of Oracle is activated.


    Moving on to pacts, since not everyone will be able to obtain a pact spirit I wanted to skip over them. however our damage output will be greatly improved if you possess one of these.


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    You’ve reached the final chapter of this guide that was a lot of information to take in so feel free to go back and review the chapters if necessary.

    Overall I hope you enjoyed this guide while this is a very good and enjoyable build to play it does have some drawbacks there is so much more that this build can improve on and we are certain that we have missed some things that would actually improve this build even more if you have any thoughts please leave a comment below so that we can include your ideas into our future guides.

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