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A mobile game full of magic and monsters, Summoners War: Chronicles is a lot of fun. Players in this game can summon and take command of powerful creatures known as “monsters,” which they can then use to battle other players and AI-controlled enemies. Those who are unfamiliar with the game can benefit from this beginner’s guide, which explains the basics, offers advice on how to play, and details some basic strategies.

Playing Summoners War: Chronicles requires downloading the game from the app store. After downloading the game, participants can either sign up for a brand new account or use their existing social media credentials to log in.

Table of Contents

    1. The Secret of the Necklace

    Professor Luna has found out the secret behind the necklace called Arga’s Eye, which is said to be from a place called the Rift, which is another dimension. A war against a group of enemies called Galagons caused a rift or portal to open between worlds. This event made magical creatures appear in the world, and players take on the role of summoners who can control these creatures and use them to fight.

    2. Summoners Name

    To sign the Summon Book in Summoners War: Chronicles, players must choose a Summoners Name when creating their account. This name can be selected at the beginning of the game and can be changed later for a small fee. The Summoners Name will be used to identify the player in the game’s community and can be seen by other players during battles and in chat rooms.

    3. Select a Summoner

    Orbia – Magic

    Orbia graduated with honors from the Rahil Magic School. She is an amazing Summoner who can use many different kinds of magic. I’m sure she will also do well in the Rahil Guards.

    Kina – Healing

    Kina is a Summoner, and one of her skills is to heal. The Rahil Guards asked her to become an apprentice because of how well she could heal. The Rahil Magic School is very proud of her.

    Cleaf – Guard

    Cleaf is a Summoner who has a unique way of keeping his allies safe. He wants to help people and is an important part of the Rahil Guards because of this.

    4. The Ambush

    Something unexpected happened on the ship, causing it to crash. We tripped and dropped the book we were holding.
    We ran into a few Galagons while looking for the book. The book we seek is discovered, and we meet Kirchul, a powerful Galagon. We summoned a fairy to assist us in our battle.
    Kirchul managed to elude us while we were fighting him. He went to the Ruins to find Arga’s Eye Necklace. We summoned Inugami to assist us in apprehending him, but Kirchul summoned a powerful golem to fight it, and the location collapsed, taking the Necklace with it.

    5. Game Controls

    Summoners War: Chronicles is playable on mobile devices as well as PCs. The game is controlled by tapping on the screen (or clicking with a mouse) and opening menus with icons on the main screen. Players can select which monsters to use in battle as well as which skills to employ. The game also includes an auto-battle mode, which allows players to let the game handle battles so they can focus on other aspects of the game.

    6. Quests

    Summoners War: Chronicles quests are intended to guide new players through the game, showing them where to go and what to do. Completing quests earns players rewards and advances them through the game’s story. To get a feel for the game and earn some useful items and experience points, new players should focus on completing quests early on.

    7. Act 1 – Lost Relic

    Chapter 1 – Situation Below Waterfall

    Talk to Joshua

    Talk to Alio

    Monster Soul Link

    Soul links allow you to use monster skills, and the number in the skill indicates the amount of mana required to cast the monster skill.

    Chapter 2 – Scattered Rahil Guards

    Talk to Alio

    Defeat Forest Mushie (0/4)

    Talk to Philip

    Chapter 3 – Light the Way Back

    Go to Teleportation Device

    Activate Teleportation Device

    Talk to Philip

    Chapter 4 – Collecting Evidence

    Talk to Philip

    Defeat Forest Slime (0/4)

    Talk to Plano – You will find Plano across the bridge

    Level up Monster

    Using EXP potions to level up monsters is essential in the game Level up Monster. It enables players to keep up with the game’s pace, engage in more difficult battles, and experience the satisfaction of watching their monsters grow and evolve. By strategically utilizing EXP potions, players can maximize their chances of winning and build a formidable team of monsters.

    Chapter 5 – Info on the Necklace

    Talk to Plano

    Defeat Sunshine Garuda (0/6)

    Talk to Sherlock

    Summon Scroll

    Summoning monsters in the game requires a summon scroll. If a player already possesses the monster granted by the scroll, it will be converted into pieces that can be used to upgrade their current monster. This mechanism is indispensable for empowering monsters and assembling a formidable team to face challenges. Success in the game requires careful consideration of which monsters to upgrade and strategic use of summon scrolls.

    Chapter 6 – Destroyed Wagon

    Talk to Sherlock

    Defeat Sunshine Hellhound (0/6)

    Investigate Fallen Forest Fairy

    Talk to Anton

    Chapter 7 – Arm Up

    Equip new equipment

    Weapons can have elemental properties such as fire, water, wind, light, and dark. Each element has its own unique advantages in battle. For example, fire weapons may deal extra damage to wind-based enemies, while water weapons may be more effective against fire-based enemies. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each element is crucial for building a strong arsenal of weapons and defeating enemies efficiently.

    Chapter 8 – A Cry and the Necklace

    Talk to Anton

    Defeat Cursed Forest Spirit (0/6)

    Talk to Gerald

    Auto Quest

    From here, you will be able to access the Auto Quest, which allows you to complete a quest without having to navigate manually. This is a huge help for those who are just starting out, as you will not be stuck or confused about how to complete the quest.

    Chapter 10 – Finding Maecolif

    Talk to Gerald

    Go to Rudelin Village

    You have reached the end of our Summoners War: Chronicles beginner’s guide; we hope you found the information and tips provided useful in beginning your journey in this immersive game. This guide is intended to lay a solid foundation for new players by covering important topics like team building, gameplay mechanics, and resource management. As you progress through the world of Summoners War: Chronicles, you’ll develop your own unique strategies and tactics, allowing you to grow as a player and summoner. We encourage you to keep learning, experimenting, and sharing your findings with other players. Remember that the road to success is paved with hard work and continuous improvement. Congratulations on your summoning, and may your adventures be filled with triumphs and unforgettable moments!


    Finally, this Summoners War: Chronicles beginner’s guide has provided essential tips, strategies, and insights to help new players navigate the exciting world of this game. Beginners can confidently begin their journey, form powerful teams, and optimize their in-game progress by following the advice presented in this guide. Players will undoubtedly discover new strategies and develop their own playstyle as they continue to explore the vast world of Summoners War: Chronicles. Remember that patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn are the keys to success in this game. We hope that this guide is useful to new summoners, and we encourage players to share their experiences and knowledge with the community in order to foster a stronger and more engaging gaming environment. Best wishes, and may your future battles be filled with victories and unforgettable adventures!

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