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Oracle Thea is possibly your first pick as your hero in Torchlight Infinite, and he is one of the easiest and most picked out of all other heroes based on appearances alone. If you have stumbled onto this article when learning to play Torchlight Infinite, why not check out our article on Torchlight Tips Guide.

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    Our current guide is geared toward getting players to level 80 and beyond on Oracle Thea, making it a good choice for newcomers. To help you complete the story and make it to the Netherrealms, we are looking at the best talents, hero memories, traits, and pact spirits.

    How to Unlock Oracle Thea

    Oracle Thea is a hero that can be unlocked with hero currency. With the new Blacksail update, she can be unlocked by acquiring enough hero emblems. If you were able to buy her early, treating her as an investment will pay off in the long run, as mentioned by one of our players as “the only hero you will ever need,” and this is due to her area-of-effect blessings, buffs, and de-buffs that are constantly on the field to invoke destruction on her foes.

    Oracle Thea’s Gameplay & Build Introduction

    Oracle Thea happens to be one of the best heroes to play, as her area of effect buffs and blessings are constantly shining throughout the map. She is a geometric field powerhouse with hero traits, which is why we are going to max out Oracle Thea with our AOE Ice-Lightning build.

    Recommended Skills for Building Oracle Thea

    Ring of Ice is going to be a great core attack skill for Thea as each attack produces AOE rings, which in turn would also affect all enemies within a radius, coupled with some lightning spells to add range and damage. When maxed out, it also becomes a powerful boss killer.

    Your combo will consist of activating Mana Boil, followed by a combo of Spiral Strikes, Defensive Buffs, Forced Star, and Icy Ring to rinse and repeat. As you summon a Lightning Spirit, additional attacks will be able to reach the far corners of the map. This combination allows you to eliminate as many monsters as possible on maps of any size.

    Best Hero Traits for Oracle Thea

    Activating her unique ability Divine Punishment converts all of your blessings and buffs into one high damage AOE skill. The number of stacks you have for the three blessing types will also be converted into the skill.

    Each blessing consumed by divine punishment converts to additional damage for the skill.

    • Focus blessing reflects the radius of the AOE skill.
    • Agility blessing increases the recovery speed of divine punishment.
    • Tenacity blessing will give a big damage boost on the next skill cast after divine punishment.

    For our hero traits, here’s the recommended list:

    • Level 13: Finale Prophecy – +5% additional damage for each stack of Focus Blessing Divine Punishment consumes recently, up to +25%.
    • Level 32: Predicted Harvest – 50% chance to gain an additional Focus Blessing every time Tenacity Blessing, Focus Blessing or Agility Blessing is gained.
      The Focus Blessing gained this way won’t trigger this affix and gain Focus Blessing again.
      The chance for the Main Skill to deal Double Damage is doubled within 4s if (Divine Punishment) consumes maximum stacks of Focus Blessing.
    • Level 50: Predicted Reincarnation – When you deal Double Damage, try to use Divine Punishment automatically. Regain 2 stacks of Focus Blessing for each enemy hit by Divine Punishment.
      +4% Main Skill damage for each stack of Focus Blessing regained.
      Focus Blessing regained by other methods won’t trigger this affix.
    • Level 62: Predicted Sacrifice – If Divine Punishment consumes maximum stacks of Focus Blessing, gains Tenacity Blessing and Agility Blessing equal to half the consumed stacks of Focus Blessing.
      +40% additional damage if Divine Punishment consumed maximum stacks of Focus Blessing recently.
    • Level 80: Farewell Prophecy – If Divine Punishment consumes maximum stacks of Focus Blessing, sends down Divine Punishment immediately. +8% chance to deal Quadruple Damage per stack of Focus Blessing when dealing Double Damage to enemies hit by Divine Punishment recently.

    Best Oracle Thea Talents Setup

    You are going to start in the Goddess of Knowledge talent tree with Chilly on your main hero talent to take once you reached Level 10 and Preparation at Level 20.

    Next talent tree should be the Magister with Bunch and Barrier of Radiance

    Lastly take the Warlock with Merciless and Off the Beaten Track

    Recommended Equipment for Building Oracle Thea

    As we mentioned with regards to gear, focus on getting gear with an energy shield, spell damage, cooldown reduction, and resistances to max out Thea’s capabilities. Listed here are recommendations on the best gear once you have gone through the Netherrealms.

    • Helmet: Elder Sage Chapeau – For energy shield + resistances.
    • Armor: All Secret Magic Robe – For elemental resistances + Barrier Absorption
    • Necklace: Decree of Clear Sky – Focus Blessing +1 and 2% additional damage for Focus Blessing, Divine Punishment for 10 stacks.
    • Gloves: Sage Insight – Energy Shield + 40% Cast Speed and +60% Elemental Damage
    • Belt: Infinity – +16% Life Regeneration, Elemental Resistances, Max Focus Blessing Stacks + 1
    • Boots: Long Night Sorcerer Boots – 1 Cold Skill Level and Energy Shields
    • Ring 1&2: Chaotic Ending – 20+ to all Stats, Focus Blessing Spell Damage and Critical Strikes.
      For Weapons take Two of the same type:
    • Weapon 1 and 2: Wiseman Dagger – Cold Damage, Spell Damage and Spell Critical Strike Rating

    This current Thea build should get you through the main story and the endgame content. We hope to feature more content later as the game develops. We also have guides for other heroes like Berserker Rehan, Ice-fire Gemma, Divineshot Carino, Commander Moto and Spacetime Illusion Youga, and Cateye Erika so feel free to check that out.

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